About Us

We are a hair making company based in Athiriver off the Nairobi-Namanga highway. We have been in business since December 2017.We have been working our figures to the bones to create more values and benefits to both our dear customers and society.


Buy Kenya Build Kenya

By making our hair here we enhance our socio economic value by buying and building Kenya.

Glam Promise

We go beyond our commitment to you and the environment because all of our hair is hand-selected and ethically sourced. Our medical-grade hair are made  that they  don’t damage your natural hair or the hair or your extensions. We stand firmly behind our products.


We are beauty specialist, we enhance your sense of belonging and loving yourself because of our specific targeting products that exemplify you.

Our Mission

To make the east african woman and women at large more beatiful and more confident with the products we provide while also

  • Meeting our social obligation.
  • Building the Kenyan brand..
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